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At PB Employment Law we have a long standing and proud reputation of working for employees and a wealth of experience in employment advice and employment tribunal claims. Employment issues may arise for many reasons and we can provide the legal advice to help you through this.

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PB Employment Law has a wealth of experience in helping people secure compensation they are due when they are unfairly dismissed or have had their employment wrongly terminated by an employer.

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We can advise you on a broad range of factors that can occur during a redundancy process including consultation procedure. Redundancy payments and compromise agreements.

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Discrimination at work can happen from the start of the recruitment process and throughout a period of employment. It can also, in some circumstances, extend beyond a period of employment. It occurs when one employee is treated less well than another on a specified ground.

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Harassment can be experienced in many different ways including verbal abuse, name calling, bullying or over familiar advances. Victims of harassment often do not realise the extent to which they may be protected by the law and, therefore, suffer unnecessarily.

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We can provide guidance on all aspects of contract creation from the most basic employment contract, including drafting each clause, to complex contract renegotiations, termination agreements and Compromise Agreements.

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We have experience in advising on bonus schemes, performance reviews, resignations, breaches of contract, restrictive covenants, drafting or advising on grievances, disciplinary processes, appeal processes, negotiating salaries or contractual terms.

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